Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are Love in Action Africa, we fund the education of disadvantaged children across the continent of Africa. We work closely with Schools and Families across Africa to prevent children from staying at home without an education because of not having the money or means to pay for and attend school. Through regular donations, we provide school supplies, travel provisions and food to the students on our programme.

We are a small team of passionate, dedicated women; lead by Mrs Dokotera (Founder) who meet regularly to pray for the organisation and discuss the fundraising and mentoring within love in action Africa. We work closely with our youth division which works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness of the circumstances of their peers on the programme.

We believe in the dreams of the unheard voices of Africa and know that with your help we can provide the avenue for their voices to be heard; an equal opportunity to an education.

We’ve laid the foundation now it’s up to you to help us build the house………brick by brick, one child at a time

Transforming  African Children Through Education

We provide young people the opportunity to receive a transformative education,leadership skills and character development programs