Help us to create the next Story of Hope…

Thank you for considering donating to our cause. We are grateful for your generosity and therefore welcome donations of any value as every little it goes a long way to answering our prayers.

You can decide how you wish to donate weekly, monthly, quarterly or as a one off payment. Give freely there is no minimum or maximum donation, it is entirely up to you

We hope you’ve had a chance to read about how we work if not click here to read all about it.

Hopefully by now you have been familiarised with our work and also the magnitude of the task ahead of us and therefore can appreciate that whilst one-off donations can help us, regular donations are what will take us the extra mile.

With that in mind please consider setting up signing up for regular donations.

Sound like a big comitment? here are some examples of what regular donations equate to in our day to day living.

Whatever amount you donate, thank you have played an invaluable role in educating children across Africa.

  • Every pound goes a long way, for instance £3 a week can help a child to buy writing books for a term.
  • £100 can send a child to a primary school for 3 months.
  • £40 we can purchase uniforms which can last upto a year.

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